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R.I.P. Doc Neeson

I just learned that Doc Neeson died today. Some of you may be asking "Who???"

Bernard "Doc" Neeson was lead singer and one of the main songwriters for the Aussie hard rock band The Angels. I was never a huge fan of the band, but they were contemporaries of AC/DC and when SPN sparked a revived interest in "Acca Dacca", I revisited other Aussie bands of the era and ending up using one Angels song for a vid and another for the title of a fic.

So, the death of Doc Neeson has left me a little nostalgic and perhaps aware of the mortality of us all. Not dark, exactly. Just... contemplative. If you know what I mean?

R.I.P. Doc. Buy Bon Scott a drink from all us down here, when ya see him. 'Kay?

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Petition to save Almost Human

Apparently the Firefly similarities continued through to their unfortunate but anticipated conclusion and FOX has cancelled this show after messing up the episode order of it's first (apparently only) season.

I loved this show. It wasn't perfect coz no show ever is, people! But there were a lot of clever ideas and the cast had chemistry in spades (and their relationships weren't inconsistent if you actually get to watch the eps in the correct order).

There's already a petition to save the show here. I don't know if it will do any good, but I'm signing it on general principle.

Edit: made a quick & simple icon for Almost Human. Reckon I need a couple more though. What I really want is an animated gif of one of Kennex's looks of disbelief and/or epic facepalm moments. Haven't seen one and my screencapping experiment failed utterly, but the search continues...
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Musings on what's series 3's villain might have in store for Sherlock & John

So, maybe from now on my LJ is just going to be short and random theories about the plot directions of shows I'm watching?

Oh well, could be worse.

I really had to get this one sorted out in my head though. I actually woke up last night thinking about it and couldn't get back to sleep - and that's just ridiculous. So, in the interest of a good night's sleep... *snerk*

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Wouldn't that be an amazing call back to the beginning of the series?

I think I'd stand up and cheer, if they actually go there.
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Supernatural - The One After 909?

Well, these are actually my reactions to 9x09 but a) The One After 909 is a song that I've heard the Beatles sing (might be a cover, think it might be on their Let It Be album) and b) I do have some thoughts about what I'd like to happen next.

But my reactions to 9x09?

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So, please, please, PLEASE!!! Is it too early or too late to get "SAVE XYZ CHARACTER" T-shirts printed?
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Arthur Darvill's Globe performance coming to a cinema near you!

My fellow geeks, there is wonderful news for all of those like me who lamented not being able to travel to the UK to see Arthur Darvill as Mephistopheles in the Globe's production of Dr Faustus last year.

Much as the National Theatre has its NT Live cinema productions, The Globe has announced a season of filmed stage productions to be shown in cinemas around the world. The productions include Dr Faustus and the cinemas include several in Australia, including The Palace in Leichhart (a stone's throw from where one of my sisters lives) as well as several others in Sydney, and Hoyts Belconnen in Canberra (hint hint starrylizard!).

I personally, am planning to see it at The Palace in Leichhart with my sisters on Sunday 4 November. And I also plan to go and see the production of Much Ado About Nothing on either Friday 19 or Sunday 21 October.

I am so SERIOUSLY stoked about this! You don't know (well, some of you do) how much I whinged and whined about not being able to see this stage production!

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Dinosaurs! On a spaceship!

Hello there! First ever post from iPhone app! Hmm... So let's see if it works ...

No idea how to do lj-cut from this so only the vaguest of spoilers. And once again short and only semi coherent thoughts.

Well after the drama of the last episode, this one was purely for fun. And what fun it was!

Aside from whats in the title (and seriously folks, exactly what it says on the tin!) - Rupert Graves toting a huge weapon! What's not to love?

And I've never been much of a slasher, but what's the bet that kiss hasn't already gone viral? Huh.

And I don't think I've seen the Doctor quite that ruthless since Tennant left!

But overall it was fun, if somewhat gimmicky.

And next ep - Ben Browder! Yay!

Dr Who - 11th - shush

Doctor Who 2012 ep 1

Hi. Yes, I'm not dead. Merely... well, run off my feet by Real Life and what not.

I have just watched and utterly loved the new season premiere and my shortish, mildly spoilerish and only vaguely coherent response is...

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And that is all for now.