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Veni! Vidi! Disputavi!

I am not contradictory. I am paradoxical which is something entirely different.

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Here today. Tomorrow, who knows?

Opinionated. Argumentative. But not really scary, honestly.

Unreliable. Often apologetic. Prone to procrastination and complaining how hectic Real Life is and how it interferes with fannish pursuits.

Suffers from chronic foot-in-mouth disease. There is no cure.

Robin Hood mood theme yoinked from viridian_icons. Thank you kindly!

Does not have a friending policy because of the lack of organisational skills to have a policy on such matters and to pretend otherwise would be a lie. Readily admits that this neglect is not an admirable quality, but please do not take offence. For the most part, fairly friendly - just not very organised. Failure to friend is no reflection on the unfriended. Seriously.

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